The Story

The Y!PP is a product of a great idea, industry need, and ‘the natural progression of things’…

One morning, upon waking, I began, as I often do, ‘creating my day’. In one of my yoga classes, I was teaching headstands to a group of students I have been working with since the inception of many of their practices. I started thinking about why students avoid headstands. One of the reasons is that it puts an uncomfortable pressure on the top of the head. I thought…I’ll buy them a headstand pillow to use while they are building the strength required to perform the posture.

Low and behold, after two days of searching online, I couldn’t find one. So…I built one. A few prototypes later, The Y!PP was born. Little did I know what was in store for this new addition to the yoga industry.​

After giving The Y!PP to my students, their inversions popped up all over the place. Their headstands were strong, calm, focused and still. Students were so comfortable in their headstands they were able to sustain them until they felt ‘done’. Then the fun really began….

I had a student, after working on opening her hamstrings in every practice, not able to touch her toes. Being a physiologist first and foremost, I asked the question, what needs to happen to have her hamstrings release enough for her to just get to her toes. I had this student place The Y!PP on the top of her feet in a seated forward bend, and press her hands into The Y!PP. The front of her body engaged, which allowed for ‘more letting go’ in the back side of her body. She reported feeling her core engage and openings in her low back and hamstrings. She was to her toes THAT WEEK, with ease and comfort. I could give you a laundry list of the places in her body where she experienced more freedom as a result of using The Y!PP. I knew then that The Y!PP was much more functional yoga prop than I realized. ​

In Reverse Prayer, by pressing into The Y!PP, the upper back and posterior shoulder engage, the chest and anterior shoulder relax…deeper opening and greater strength. In Triangle, placing The Y!PP like a traditional block, pressing into The Y!PP with just FINGERTIPS, caused the core and quadriceps to engage with the end result being deeper opening in the hamstring, inner thigh, and low back. Now we’re cooking…

Since then, the number of postures where The Y!PP is not only useful, but extremely beneficial, increased by leaps and bounds.

In postures where body parts contact the hard surface of the mat, The Y!PP has proven effective in giving just enough padding to remove all discomfort. The student is now FREE to focus and enjoy the posture fully as opposed to being distracted by any ache, pain, or soreness associated with mat contact.

So we had a better block, a more compact and comfortable bolster…now, what else can The Y!PP do?

When I originally created The Y!PP, I added a small handle on one end that makes this prop easy to carry wherever you practice yoga, or snap on your bag with The Y!PP CL!P. It was easy to place a slightly longer strap on the other end. This allows students to hook one or both feet, like a strap, or it works really great for binding postures by holding each end in the binding posture until there is enough strength and flexibility to have the hands meet.

So…there you have it. Starting as a headstand pillow and morphing into a highly functional, beneficial and overall valuable yoga prop. I’m happy to say that in my 24 years of teaching, I’ve not seen anything like it in the Yoga Industry and I’m ecstatic to be able to give it to the world.

Thank you so much for your interest in The Y!PP and our story. Contact me anytime with questions, comments, or anything else. I’d love to know how YOU Y!PP!! May this bring to you as much joy and freedom as it has to me, my students, and those Y!PP-ing all over the planet.

With Tremendous Gratitude…


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