Yoga’s Headstand Pillow AND Interactive Yoga Prop!


This Headstand Pillow Doubles as an Interactive Yoga Block

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The YiPP  is a headstand pillow and an all-in-one yoga prop that can assist you with alignment, create additional cushion and support in weight-bearing poses, and also facilitates safe and comfortable headstands.

We’ve tried and tested The YiPP as a yoga block, bolster, strap, headstand pillow and inversion prop, and the results are in – we love it!

One of the things we appreciate most about The YiPP is that whether you’re a beginner yogi or more advanced, you’ll find a variety of important ways to incorporate it into your poses and enrich your yoga practice overall.

First, let’s talk about headstands using The YiPP:

Headstands, often referred to as the King of Asanas, offer a wide range of health benefits, including reducing anxiety and increasing circulation in the body. Yet often, people are afraid or hesitant to practice headstands because this pose can put a lot of uncomfortable pressure on the crown of the head, especially for beginners just learning the pose.

Placing The YiPP beneath the crown of your head takes all the pressure off the skull, and also offers additional surface area which creates added stability in the pose. As a result, students are able to stay in the pose longer, and hold it until they feel complete, as opposed to losing balance or coming out sooner due to discomfort. That’s awesome!

We recommend using The YiPP for beginner yogis or yogis new to practicing headstands and inversions as an excellent support system to provide a safer, more comfortable, and effective headstand practice.

Now, let’s explore using The YiPP as a yoga prop:

You can get really creative with how you incorporate The YiPP into the rest of your yoga practice. When you use it as a yoga prop, you will find added stability and support in your poses, due to a physiological response called “reciprocal inhibition.” To explain it simply, reciprocal inhibition means that when one muscle (or set of muscles) contracts, the opposing muscle (or set of muscles) relaxes.

Here are several yoga poses you can try using The YiPP:

  1. Seated Forward Fold – Using Strength to Create Flexibility

We love using it for a seated forward fold. And this stretch is a great example of how reciprocal inhibition works: when you press The YiPP into your flexed feet, the result is an engagement in your core, quads and shins, which in turn makes the low back, hamstrings, and calves relax. To sum it up, when the front body contracts, the back body can relax (and vis versa, depending on the pose).

What’s better? There are several ways to use The YiPP, based on your needs and flexibility level: if your hamstrings are tight, place it in front of your feet and press your hands actively into it. If you have a bit more flexibility, you can place The YiPP on the soles of your feet and pull the handles towards you to get a deeper stretch.

  1. Triangle Pose – a Better Block

Triangle pose can be tricky because it’s common for students to ‘dump’ into their lower back instead of properly engaging the necessary muscle groups that keeps this pose safe and properly aligned.

Placing The YiPP where you would place a yoga block (on the inside or outside of the front foot) and then pressing into it with your fingertips will cause the abdominal muscles as well as the quadriceps to engage. As a result, you will be practicing the pose safely and correctly, and also allowing your hamstrings, inner thighs, and low back to release (there’s that reciprocal inhibition again).

  1. Reverse Prayer

Bringing your hands into reverse prayer is an awesome way to help open through the heart, chest, and shoulders. Take this opening a step further by incorporating The YiPP! By pressing your palms into the cushion, your chest can open deeper while you build more strength in the spine through the resistance.

  1. General Support – as a Bolster

You can use The YiPP in any weight-bearing pose for greater comfort, cushioning, and support. From padding your wrist in side plank, to cushioning the neck in shoulder stand or plow, there are many poses you can incorporate The YiPP into.

From its versatility as a yoga prop, to its effectiveness in providing a safe and supportive headstand practice, The YiPP is 100% YogiApproved™.

If you’d like to learn more about this awesome yoga prop, you can check out our website at Namaste!

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