expanding postures

Expanding Postures

The YiPP is a better block! It is dense enough to work like a block, however, it has some ‘give’ that allows for a deeper expansion is any posture. Gently pressing into The YiPP causes the body to ‘activate and give’ just where it’s needed.

inversion postures


The YiPP is Yoga’s first Headstand Pillow and Inversion Prop that delivers steady, comfortable headstands every time! This yoga pillow not only takes the feeling of the floor away, leaving you free to focus on any inversion, it also provides stability to your upper body for a safer headstand.

seated postures

Seated Postures

The YiPP can help expand or support in seated postures.        

standing postures

Standing Postures

Use your YiPP to help open those hard to reach areas, create a new sense of balance, or assist you in proper alignment.      

supine postures

Supine Postures

Hip opening, core strength, or just a deeply relaxing end to a great practice!    

binding postures

Binding Postures

There are infinite benefit in binding postures. The assist us in finding that calm, still space within, as well as promote great strength and flexibility. The YiPP can help you find those, otherwise, elusive postures.

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